A text per day- My fear of creating shit

Not every creation has to fulfil great expectations. It might be bitter, but most of my texts will stay trivial and meaningless. I don’t care.
I am free to create for the sake of creation itself. Despite all the shallow words, I do feel more at peace and sane when writing.

A meaningful piece of work does not come overnight. It starts with a vague intuition and will grow with enough care and attention. The first draft is never perfect- it’s not supposed to be. Never.
The difference between the draft and the finished work is the process in between. Re-definition and improvement are only helpful if I allow flaws to become visible. Neglecting the imperfection of my vision means suffocating the chance of innovation.

Decisions and ideas can change their form at any stage. If guidelines aren’t helping anymore, I am free to toss them aside. A rule without purpose is nothing but an unnecessary weight on a long journey.

This text is written today and might lose it’s relevance tomorrow but so be it. I find peace in forming these sentences and phrases. This draft of many has no claim for perfection.

Even though my texts are going to be short or poorly written, my wish to create is bigger than the fear of ridicule.

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