June Kanamea


Photo: Sören Berg

Short-tempered June Kanamea realized one day that her aggressive way of discussing is part of the problem why different fronts keep hating each other. Frustrated that she fails to make a difference she questioned her strategy. At some point, she came across the works of Zen Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh that showed her ways to engage an argument in a peaceful and more productive way.

She sucks balls at applying the teachings but she is trying very hard.

Born in Germany and based in Berlin she writes about her daily struggles and thoughts on various topics – but mostly shit that is pissing her off. In between, she is trying to use creative writing to release stress and tension. The main idea is to find a way how to become a less shitty person and being less useless for society. Apart from having anger issues, she is also studying fine arts and German language and literature.

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